Central Kemer - KEMER City Center

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Central Kemer (Kemer city center) is located about 43,5 km. (45 mins) on the east of Antalya, between the resorts of Goynuk and Kiris. Situated on the skirsts of magnificent Taurus Mountains, central Kemer is one of the most visited and accommodated holiday resort along Antalya region with its variety of great hotels, apartments, restaurants, cares, bars, beaches, attraction centers and more. Central Kemer is also the center of great entertainment and nighlife activities in Kemer.

Things to Do & See in Central Kemer

The Wacth Tower, Ataturk Statue on the inland and Kemer G-Marina and Moonlight Park on the coastare the popular spots on the central Kemer through the beautiful views of the Beydaglari Mountains. The pine forests and the stunning views of the Beydaglari mountains at the background, make central Kemer a paradise resort. The quality beach clubs, restaurants and cafes spread through the Moonlight beach is an ideal place for rest and spend a great day out in central Kemer.

Central Kemer beaches

There are variety of great beaches along the beautiful coast of central Kemer. The Moonlight beach, with a lenght of 500 meters, is situated on the right hand side of the Kemer marina and it is the most popular beach of central Kemer. Entrance to Moonglightbeach is free of charge but you need to pay for sunbed and umbrella. Holidaymakers may spend great time at the beach clubs of Moonlight beach and also make water sports activities.

Moonlight beach

On the left hand side of the Kemer Marina, you'll find the 3,7 km. coastline of central Kemer with beachfront walking paths, central Kemer Urban Beach and other beaches belonging to hotels located at the beach front. Entrance to hotels' beaches is free of charge but you need to pay for sunbed, umbrella and beach services. The hotels located on the inland central Kemer also has beaches on the coast and they make daily transportation to their beaches.

Central Kemer coastline beaches

Kemer G-Marina

Kemer G-Marina is a lovely place located between central Kemer's coastline and Moonlight Park. Holidaymakers may spend great day out at the quality restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs of the Kemer G-Marina.

Kemer G-Marina

Moonlight Park

Moonlight Park is a daily entertainment facility located at the back of Kemer G-Marina and Moonlight beach. There are variety of great attractions and facilities at the Moonlight Park that include a blue-flagged Moonlight beach, a Dolphinarium (for rehabilitation and demonstration purposes), shopping center with 4 shops, mini zoo, tennis and basketball courts, recreation and green areas. Moonlight Park, with its beautiful environment full of pine, gum and palm trees, is a must see place in central Kemer.

Moonlight Park

Folkloric Nomad Theme Park

Folkloric Nomad Theme Park, located on the hills along the Kemer marina and Moonlight beach is a lovely place t spend a peaceful day out at central Kemer. Holidaymakers may experience and enjoy the culture of Nomads here as well as having a rest or tasting the local cuisine of the Nomads.

Folkloric Nomad Theme Park

Daily Boat Trips

Attending to daily boat trips made from the central Kemer, along the Kemer marina, is a great day out attraction in central Kemer. Variety of themed boat leave the harbour in the morning, sail through the beautiful bays and coves aroun Kemer and return about 15.30-16.00. A must take attraction for sea lovers.

daily boat trips from central Kemer

Daily Tours & Excursions from Central Kemer

If you don't want to spend your Kemer holidays just at your hotel on a routine day out, attending to daily tours and excursions from central is a great opportunity to experience and enjoy the stunning landscapes and natural surroundings, long stretches of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea, quiet little bays and charms of Kemer. Daily boat trips, cycling, 4x4 off-road safari, ATV quad safari tours, scuba diving, Olympos cable-car to Mount Tahtali, Goynuk Canyon and Koprulu Canyon Rafting Tours are the top selling and the most popular excursions and daily tours in Kemer.

Shopping in Central Kemer - What to Buy in Central Kemer?

Holidaymakers may find great shopping opportunities from popular outdoor markets, supermarkets, antique and handicraft shops to great stores at the central Kemer. Jewellery, leather, carpet, rug, clothing, traditional tastes and souvenir shops are intensely located in central Kemer. The Pedestrian street of central Kemer is a popular spot in central Kemer that you may find all your needs and holiday shopping items there.

Kemer Pedestrian street

Eating Out in Central Kemer - What to Eat in Central Kemer?

You may experience and enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine, authentic Turkish cuisine and the authentic flavour of the sea at the popular restaurants and cafes in central Kemer. Traditional mezes with yogurt, aubergine, pepper, tomato and olive, fresh green beans and seafood are the popular traditional dishes in central Kemer. Kemer city center offers great dine and wine opportunities with its variety of world class restaurants and cafes. The touristic inland parts of central Kemer, the famous Pedestrian street, the Kemer marina and Moonlight Park regions are the popular spots for great eating out in central Kemer.

Nightlife in Central Kemer

Central Kemer is the liveliest region in whole Kemer. The popular and liveliest nightclubs, discos and bars are all located in central Kemer. After dinner, at dusk, all central Kemer streets become very lively, full of tourist and entertainment. The Kemer marina, Moonlight Park, the famous Pedestrian street and the coastline of central Kemer are the popular spots for intense entertainment and nightlife in central Kemer. There are also live music and karaoke bars along the coastline of central Kemer.

Aura Club, Club Inferno and Moonlight Burlesque are the most popular nightclubs in Kemer.

Accommodation in Central Kemer - Where to Stay in Central Kemer?

As for accommodation in central Kemer, central Kemer boasts the most comprehensive and best equipped network of hotel, apartment, pension, bed & breakfast, holiday villas and holiday accommodation in the Kemer region. Central Kemer offers wide range of accommodation opportunities from 3 star, 4 star, 5 star and family friendly hotels, apartments to quality holiday villas and apartments from standard packages to deluxe residences.

Recommendations for your Kemer visit...

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